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Practice Areas

We understand what you are going through. If you have been struggling due to financial problems, entrust our Firm with Debt restructuring options that protect your credit portfolio.  Take control of your life Call today 1-800-774-3408 we can help you in the following areas of financial management:
Credit Management


Management of your credit is essential to building wealth. Let us educate you and guide you to build your credit to access over $400,000.00 in unsecure credit.


We identify errors on your credit report and ensure errors are corrected

We teach you how to read and understand your credit report

We put you on a personal credit management program

We guarantee you will purchase a car and property without credit worries



Debt Management


Don't apply for credit counseling, consumer proposal or bankruptcy until you talk to us. Let us educate you about Credit! By filing Consumer Proposals and Credit Counseling you are actually making your situation worse.


We stop creditors from harassing you

We negotiate and settle debts

We prepare court files to represent our clients We hold Equifax and TransUnion credit reporting agencies accountable

We hold Financial Institutions accountable

We represent your interests

Bill Management


Did you know that financially independent people use technology to help keep their finances in order? Let us structure your bill payments to ensure that you are never late or miss a payment due to lack of time and disorganization.

We take the stress out of budgeting

We ensure your bills are accurate

We recoup funds owed to you due to billing error







Estate Management

Being appointed as Attorney (under Power of Attorney) we are with you every step of the way in the event of untimely illness.


Sudden Death without a Will?

We guide you through the process of debt settlement options

We ensure that our clients prepare a last will and testament
We maintain management of financial affairs based on your instructions
We relieve the overwhelming burden from your loved ones 


Case Management

If you have a dispute with:

  • The Bank

  • The Government:- including Christian COVID exemptions

  • The LandLord and Tennant Board

  • Credit Reporting Agencies or Creditors


The process to rectify a dispute can be burdensome and time consuming.
We complete and manage all the documents necessary to file an effective appeal
We get you the results you deserve
We offer unique and tailored services to meet your needs

Wealth Transfer

Are you ready for the Wealth Transfer? Many of us in the Body of Christ thought that the Crypto currency wasn't for us; that was a lie of the enemy. The world of Crypto aint ready for the Body of Christ.

Gold and Silver is mine says the Lord. Haggai 2:8 KJV

We eliminate all potential mistakes when building credit

We guide you through the process of setting up your banking portfolio

We guide you through the process of setting up you Crypto portfolio

We teach you how to effectively manage your accounts

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