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Equifax Free Credit Report and TransUnion Free Consumer Disclosure

Every consumer is entitled to receive a free copy of their credit report from Equifax including their credit score which they can obtain online or by phone request. TransUnion Free Consumer Disclosure is a detailed review of your credit report which can be requested by phone.

Currently consumers are led to believe that they must pay to have access to their own credit reports, which is not correct. Equifax and TransUnion offer credit monitoring services that you can opt to enroll in with monthly payments of $19.95 for Equifax and $24.95 for TransUnion.

We encourage our clients to request copies of their credit reports from both Equifax and TransUnion every 6 months to address errors that may arise. We identify and correct errors on behalf of our clients regularly who use credit monitoring services. This is because credit monitoring services do not identify errors.

When our clients visit Equifax and TransUnion websites, they often complain to us that they are forced to in role in the credit monitoring service to access a copy of their credit report. This frustration should not be, however the website for each agency appears to have been set up with this intent. For this reason, we advise our clients to follow the links provided on our website to order free copies of Equifax and TransUnion.

If our clients receive notification that they are required to pay a monthly fee; we then advise clients to request by phone a free complete credit report/consumer disclosure to be sent by mail.

While there are many services currently offering free credit scores in the last decade, consumers are not provided a detailed review of their credit reports with these services. It is critically important that consumers understand where their credit portfolio stands.

We are the only company that protects the integrity of our clients credit portfolio when restructuring debts to increase credit score and or build credit.

Your Credit is Important!

January 27, 2023


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