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Protection of personal information on


Personal information obtained through is strictly confidential.   Only employees with acess to such personal informaiton are  authorized to process inquiries or requests that concern the information provided.  Except where required to provide a service you signed up for to give effect to a court order, personal informaiton will never be made public, sold, or disclosed to third parties witout your consent.


Why do we collect personal information on



The personal informaiton we obtain about you via is used to process online requests you submit to us for quotes or financial products and services.


Online tools and personal informaiton offers you the opportunity to use online tools or submit questions to a "virtual" credit advisor, in connection with certain FORVAN Financial Firm Inc. products.  The questionnaires are designed to collect information about you or your financial situaiton.  The details are then used to establish your credit management program or other type of profile with a view to helping you choose the most suitable services for your particular needs.


Such informaiton will not be used for any other purpose




Cookies are used with  They identify your browser software when you move from site to site or page to page during a web session.  This information can then be used to facilitate your access to a site and your ability to navigate within the site.  Cookies can only be read by the website that sends them to your computer.


Links to third party websites


For your convenience, provides links to the sites of third parties or parts of their sites.  However, FORVAN Financial Firm Inc. has no control over the content or operation of these sites, nor does it control the confidentiality or privacy practices of the site operators.  Consequently, any personal information you submit through such sites is governed by the privacy policies of the sites in question.  It is therefore your responsibility to find out about their policies in order to protect informaiton that concerns you.


Email policy 


FORVAN Financial Firm Inc. does not solicit members for personal and confidential informaiton by email or otherwise.




FORVAN Financial Firm Inc. enforces various rules to protect your personal information:


  • We do not divulge any informaiton about our members without their consent


  • FORVAN Financial Firm Inc. employees are not authorized to ask for your password or PIN.


  • FORVAN Financial Firm Inc. employees cannot ask for personal informaiton over the phone, including credit card numbers, birthdates and social insurance numbers, except during the usual authentication procedure when members contact us


  • FORVAN Financial Firm Inc. has adjusted its internal telemarketing rules to ensrue their compliance with the National DNCL rules..



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