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Nalish Francis

Founder/Credit Manager


With over 20 years of financial experience having worked for companies such as: Davis & Henderson, Primerica, The National  Benefit Authority, Dealer Finance Experts, The Approval Centre and The Investment House of Canada, Nalish brings a superior level of professionalism and working knowledge to her clients.

Mrs. Francis founded FORVAN Financial Firm Inc. after observing the negative impact that bad credit reports had on many of her clients after entering into consumer proposals and credit counseling programs.  As well, Mrs. Francis was concerned with her client’s lack of knowledge surrounding credit and effectively managing personal credit.  

Mrs. Francis saw that there was a unique financial niche that was not being serviced. Due to the knowledge acquired through diverse financial industry rolls such as: Credit Manager, Commercial/Residential Mortgage Processional, Financial Advisor and Benefit Specialist, Mrs. Francis recognized that she was not able to effectively market her skill sets under one financial industry title and therefore created FORVAN Financial Firm Inc. Debt restructuring options that protect your credit portfolio.

Mrs. Francis, happily married with 9 children, enjoys motivational speaking in her spare time and is the founder of Honest Hugs. (an organization geared to educating and assisting people overcome the effects of past abuse)


We may all face financial struggles at some point in our lives for a range of reasons; loss of a job, a divorce, and unexpected medical conditions; there are vast arrays of reasons our financial situations can be negatively affected.  Do not become despondent...  the credit system is forgiving.  However, most consumers are not equipped with the credit knowledge necessary to re-build and achieve their financial goals.

FORVAN Financial Firm Inc. is not a quick fix credit clinic organization and we are in no way involved with illegal or UN ethical practices.

Your credit report is personal and is a reflection of your financial habits.  Although you are responsible for where you are and where you are going with regards to your credit, it is important to understand that 80% of North Americans will have a minimum of 5 errors on their credit report, these errors may be costing you allot!

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