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How is FORVAN Financial Firm Inc. Different?

  1. Our primary focus is protecting the consumers credit portfolio

  2. We stop creditors from harassing consumers

  3. We DO NOT make monthly payments to creditors on behalf of clients

  4. We negotiate and settle debts based on consumers financial ability to settle debt with one lump sum payment

Unfortunately there are many debt settlement companies out there that take consumers money and never settle debts leaving the consumer in a worse situation.

The consumer then turns to either a license trustee to consolidate and settle debts through a consumer proposal or bankruptcy. Alternatively consumers may use a nonprofit licensed credit counseling agency to negotiate debt over a 5 year period.

From a credit portfolio perspective credit counseling and consumer proposals actually make your situation worse because your credit report is negativity impacted for a combined total of 8 years. (5 year proposals + 3 years after the last date of activity = 8 years)

We are here to help you not to cause you further damage!

January 26, 2017

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