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How does the Credit System Relate to Black History?

The number one answer I have received from clients is Freedom.

In the Black History that we are taught by society, blacks were slaves without freedom to own/ live equal to the slave owners.

Blacks were not allowed to go to school or buy and sell freely like their white counterparts.

In failed attempts to enslave a nation of people, blacks were purposely not taught to read.


Because with knowledge comes power.

I will never forget my first social psychology class in college, where my professor educated the class on why people born in the late70s - 90s at the time struggled with spelling. He advised that we went through the “Dumming Down" era of school, where phonics was purposely removed from the school curriculum in Canada (I still can’t spell to save my life) however, that doesn’t stop me from writing powerful appeals on behalf of my clients that get results as far up as the Tax Court of Canada.

There is a saying that state “The Best Way to Hide Something from Black People is to Put it in a Book”, Knowledge truly is power.

Mental slavery still controls a large percent of the black community in North America.

Likewise in the Credit System, while it appears to be equal for all opportunity to benefit from; the reality is that many in the black community suffer with poor credit which places the individual in a negative financial house (Slavery) instead of a positive one (Financial Freedom).

There are a few obstacles blocking the average black person in society from obtaining what is called Highly Effective Credit HEC Status:-

1. Lack of access to credit due to unemployment.

2. Lack of credit literacy.

3. Lack of credit management skills.

4. Lack of empowerment to hold credit reporting agency accountable for reporting accurate and true information on Credit Report.

As Credit Managers, we have seen firsthand the negative impact errors on credit reports create for our clients outside of poor credit management.

Your Credit is Important!

Nalish Francis

February 15, 2023


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