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Baby Boomers and our Failing Home Health Care Service:- Case Study


As far as our mutual client is aware, you are her designated Care Coordinator as of November 2020. Mrs. has made you aware on more than one occasion of her discomfort around you sending different PSWs daily to assist Mrs with basic activities of daily living after being discharged from ****** Health December 31, 2020.

Mrs. has endured disrespect of PSWs, such as:-

1) Entering her home without proper ID to provide the appropriate security for an elderly lady who lives alone.

2) Entering her home without removing outside shoes and or covering outside shoes with botty

3) Not providing proper hygienic practices I.E. regularly dropping soiled masks, gloves and garbage bags on the floor of the washroom, garage floor/driveway and garage floor, instead of discarding garbage bags inside the one of two garbage bins located upon exit of home via garage house door, prior to exiting the actual garage (which is how PSWs enter and exit the residence)

4) Leaving soiled washcloth after assisting Mrs. to shower on shower floor.

5) Leaving Mrs. shoes on top of face basin to dry instead of on floor vent.

6) Leaving without first confirming that Mrs. has closed the garage door (which is a request that has been made for Mrs. security)

7) Days that no PSW has shown up without communicating to Mrs. that there would be no PSW available those days.

In May of 2022 Mrs. left a voice message along with a WhatsApp SMS for you, requesting her case review to be scheduled. At the date of this letter Mrs. had not heard back from you or any employee from agency regarding her case review request.

Ms. and Ms. are the two PSWs who have been more consistently caring for Mrs. most recently.

Thursday March 9th, 2023, Mrs. debit card went missing. Mrs. called her bank to advise that the card was missing, at which point, the Bank representative advised Mrs. that someone had already called to request a replacement card.

Mrs. is a very independent woman who spent 40+ Years as a Civil Servant. The need for care currently is due to several life and death emergency surgeries that left Mrs. unable to care for herself without the need of daily assistance Monday - Friday. The lack of professionalism *********** Health has demonstrated goes without say."

"The following was the resolution."

I hereby request on behalf of Mrs. (mutual client) from you to cancel the Home Health Services and transfer Mrs. account effective immediately to GHL Care Nursing Services LTD. Mrs. is really disappointed with your service and find it inadequate. Mrs. would expect much better service from a company of your caliber to care for vulnerable clients and is sorry that matters had to reach this far, but the responsibility falls on your part.


Nalish Francis


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